Green School on-line application FAQs

Guides and Application Process

You must create an account at marylandgreenschools.org. An administrator should be designated. The administrator can give permission to your team (other staff, PTA or students) so that they can upload information and documentation. The account is where you will store and create the documentation and information as you complete each element of the application.

The New School button is located in the top right corner of the Home page, you will need to fill in the information requested in order to “create” your school’s site and application.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Please see our “How to get started page” for guidelines ideas and templates for your application process. Do you still have questions? Please contact your local Green Center or contact [email protected]. Find your local Green Center here.

Please see our current list of Green Schools and the date of your last certification. If you add four years to that date, that is the year you need to recertify.

If you paid the Intent to Apply fee and either did not receive the award and would like to resubmit or failed to submit your application, you may not need to pay again. Previously paid Intent to Apply fee credits that are still current will be applied to your account by the MAEOE team.

If you paid the Intent to Apply fee and either did not receive the award and would like to resubmit or failed to submit your application on time, you do not need to pay again for the consecutive year.

In 2023+

If you paid the Intent to Apply fee the previous year and either did not receive the award and would like to resubmit or failed to submit your application on time, you do not need to pay again for the consecutive year. However you will need to set up an account for the Maryland Green Schools Online Application marylandgreenschools.org

No, once your account is established you can do the “new” school and all “recertifying: applications from there.

Please contact your local Green Center first. You can find your local Green Center here. If you still have questions and would like the assistance of a Green Leader, please email [email protected] with your school name, the district, and whether your school is public or private.

The intent to apply is due in December before the year that you are submitting your application. You can begin your application at any time.

There are sample applications for Elementary, Middle, and High School.

If you do not have permission or if you are in doubt, do not use the photo. Other options include cropping the student out of the picture or blurring the face of the student (this can be done in programs like Photoshop).

Instructional Program Documentation

A lesson plan can be submitted as additional documentation, but ONLY IF it also includes some sort of evidence that the students did the activity. For example a copy of a student's completed work, a student's written reflection of what they did and learned, and/or photographs showing the students at work and engaged.

Other suggested types of documentation include student work, photos of bulletin boards, photos of students engaged in activity, student reflections, and students' assessments.

Professional Development

The training of the additional teachers WOULD ONLY count towards the 10% if the original person who attended the PD was trained to teach the PD themselves.

You will need to include the name of attendees, date, and a brief description that includes who facilitated the training. Include at least one piece of documentation, such as agendas, sign-in sheets, email confirmations, correspondence and copies of activities/materials.

Describe and cross reference how staff is involved in Environmental Instruction and BMP activities. Document the method in which teachers were informed of the application process. For example, Ms. Smith, chair of the school Green Team, addressed the staff at a meeting on Nov. 4th, describing the Green School application and how staff and teachers can assist.

Yes, as long as it has an Environmental Education component that can be applied to their teaching.


This event must be annual and school-wide.

Events can be broken up into smaller groups, but all students need to be part. For example, if the event is a trash pick-up, every grade may pick up trash at different times on the same day and then followed by a celebratory ice-cream party. The event can also be done in a week or month, so as long as all students participate in the same themed-event. Another good example includes Earth Hour where the whole school turns out the lights.

Sustainable Practices

How can elementary school students lead sustainable practices? Younger students can be involved in identifying a need, conducting audits, petitioning for change, design planning or installation. The application review committee is aware that there is a strong adult component to these activities, but the students must be involved in the process.

Photos, student reflection, student created blue–prints and plans, newspaper/newsletter articles, correspondence, student surveys and audits.

Community Partnerships, Awards and Special Recognition

Yes, but make sure you describe the partnership, how it's been maintained and what the school/students gain from it. Suggested qualities of a partner are:

  1. A partner may be someone who donates supplies and/or time.
  2. May serve as guest speaker/correspondent for students and staff.
  3. Assists with time, labor or expertise on projects.
  4. Organization that facilitates annual field trips.

COVID-19-Related Questions

We anticipate that the application will be filled out in its entirety in 2023.