Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get your application started

Application Timeline with Tentative Dates


  1. Create a Green School Committee
    This committee can include teachers, students, administrators, parents, or other staff. This will make it easier for you to put the application together. During the first meeting evaluate what you have in place and what you need to plan. This Green Schools Pre-Assessment is available to determine where your school is in the process.

  2. Attend a Green School Training
    Attend a training session(s) to learn more about the application, the program, and the process. Look for training announcements on this website.

  3. Create your Green School Account
    Create an account using this online portal and immediately start uploading information and documentation during this first year (if applicable).

  4. Schedule a School-Wide Meeting
    Arrange a school-wide meeting with all staff to inform them about the application process and to discuss strategies for completion.

  5. Contact Local Support

    • Green Centers and Green Leaders help provide local support for schools interested in becoming Green Schools. Check out this current list of Green Centers.
    • Email [email protected] if you need more information about connecting to a Green Center or Green Leader.
  6. Celebrate!
    Celebrate being green with a school-wide celebration. This can occur during spirit week, Earth Day, Arbor Day, or any day you pick!

  7. Attend Professional Development
    A minimum of 10% of your teachers must attend environmental education professional development (EE PD). Check the MAEOE calendar for a variety of EE PD opportunities for staff


  1. Update Staff on Progress in a School-Wide Meeting
    Arrange a school-wide meeting with all staff to update them on the application process and to discuss further strategies for completion.

  2. Green Center/Leader Check-In
    Check-in with your local Green Center/Green Leader. Make sure they have an online account and can view your progress to date.

  3. Submit an Intent to Apply
    Submit an Intent to Apply by the December deadline.

  4. Continue to upload information in all application fields
    Continue to populate all fields of the application with information and documentation. The Metrics Survey is integrated into the application.

  5. Complete a Mock Review
    Consider one of the following options:

    • Attend the MAEOE conference for a Mock Review Session of your application.
    • Meet with your Green Leader or Green Center to do a one-on-one Application review.
    • Attend an online review session - typically scheduled in February after the MAEOE conference.
  6. Submit your application
    Complete the final touches and submit your application.

  7. Look for the Results
    Schools will receive an email from MAEOE in April announcing the Green Schools for the year.